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Enjoying life in a sunroom. Just imagine…it’s a quiet sunny morning, slight breeze and all is peaceful except for a few birds singing. There you are, sitting in your new enclosed patio, coffee in one hand and the morning newspaper in the other. Sound tranquil? It is. Sound like something you would like to have? You can.

A patio enclosure, often referred to as a Sunroom, Patio Room, Solarium or Conservatory, is not only a wonderful place to be it also adds incredible value to your home. It seems few homeowners actually recognize the potential their backyard patio has. The fact is that old patio can easily be transformed into one of the highest return home-improvement investments on the market today. How is that? By creating a patio room enclosure enclosing your open air patio.

The best news is that you’ll not only improve the value of your home overall, but you end up with a new, multi-seasonal area to relax in and enjoy your home’s outdoor areas, as well.


So, what is the difference between a Patio Room, a Sunroom, and a Patio Enclosure?

Well there are many fancy names out there for patio rooms. Patio sun room, conservatory, patio room enclosure, solarium, and sunroom are of course a few of the terms used by home builders to refer to a home addition that encloses your patio to make it a more useful and attractive.

Generally “sunrooms”, “solariums”, and “conservatories” refer to a year-round, glass walled patio enclosure, considered the creme-de-la-creme of patio sun room additions. If an elaborate, solarium or conservatory isn’t for you, a screened in and walled in patio room is also a wonderful option for your home.

A Patio Room is anything you want it to be!

Whether it’s watching your favorite TV program in the evening, reading your favorite book or just sitting around the dining table enjoying the company of family and friends, a patio enclosure is whatever you want it to be!

To better understand your options, talk to a contractor who has experience in this kind of work. They’ll guide you through the design and planning phases, and be ready to go when it’s time to build your new patio room.

When adding a new patio enclosure to your home, not only do you add an expanded living space – you will also bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside. Our customers love the fact that they can unwind after a hectic day, or simply extend the seasons just a little longer.


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